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 YANG Jinyan,YANG Kuo,WANG Chuankuan.Effects of Biophysical Factors on Stem Respiration Temporal and Spatial Variation[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2009,15(06):880-887.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2009.00880]





Effects of Biophysical Factors on Stem Respiration Temporal and Spatial Variation
(东北林业大学林学院 哈尔滨 150040)
YANG Jinyan YANG Kuo WANG Chuankuan
(College of Forestry, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040, China)
stem respiration temporal and spatial variation stem temperature sap flow maintenance respiration
树干呼吸是解释森林生态系统生产力变化的关键过程之一. 测定树干呼吸速率,理解其生物环境调控机制,有助于构建森林碳循环模型,提供森林碳收支的估测精度. 本文比较分析了树干呼吸3种测定方法,指出活体测定法与质量平衡方法的结合使用,可以更深入地进行树干呼吸机理研究. 针对树干呼吸速率时空变异,着重探讨温度、树干液流的重要影响机制,并比较分析了不同森林生态系统的维持呼吸年通量,维持呼吸年通量与林龄、维度、年均温和降水量呈显著线性相关. 表4 参84
As one of the key processes, stem respiration play an important role in explaining the variation in forest ecosystem productivity. Measuring stem respiration and understanding its biophysical controlling mechanisms are necessary to develop forest carbon cycling models and improve estimation of forest carbon budgets. The measuring methods, spatio-temporal variation in stem respiration rates were reviewed. The combiantion between in vivo method and mass balance approach would be helpful for exploring the stem respration mechanism. Special discussion was made on the effects of stem temperature and sap flow on stem respiration. The maintenance respiration annual fluxes of various forest ecosystems were also compared. With the statistical analysis, there were siginificant linear relationships bewteen annual stem respiration and forest age’ latitude, and mean anuual temperature and precipitation. Tab 4, Ref 84


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