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[1]张玲玲 张秋金 江沄 耿宝荣.3种阿维菌素类药物对无尾两栖类蝌蚪的急性毒性效应[J].应用与环境生物学报,2018,24(03):623-630.[doi:10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2017.08032]
 ZHANG Lingling,ZHANG Qiujin,JIANG Yun & GENG Baorong**.Acute toxicity of three avermectins to anuran tadpoles[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2018,24(03):623-630.[doi:10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2017.08032]





Acute toxicity of three avermectins to anuran tadpoles
张玲玲 张秋金 江沄 耿宝荣
福建师范大学生命科学学院 福州 350117
ZHANG Lingling ZHANG Qiujin JIANG Yun & GENG Baorong**
College of Life Sciences, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou 350117, China
tadpole avermectins abamectin ivermectin emamectin benzoate acute toxicity
阿维菌素类药物是一组从土壤链霉菌发酵菌丝中分离出的新型大环内酯类药物,是目前最有效的一类抗虫抗菌的生物农药. 采用静态换水法检测阿巴克丁(Abamectin,ABM)、伊维菌素(Ivermectin,IVM)和甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐(Emamectin benzoate,EMB)3种阿维菌素类农药对黑眶蟾蜍(Duttaphrynus melanostictus)、沼水蛙(Hylarana guentheri)、斑腿泛树蛙(Polypedates megacephalus)和小弧斑姬蛙(Microhyla heymonsi)蝌蚪的急性毒性效应. 结果显示,蝌蚪累积的死亡几率与药物浓度间存在显著的剂量效应关系. ABM对4种蝌蚪的96 h半致死浓度(LC50)分别为0.042、0.034、0.020和0.014 mg/L;IVM对4种蝌蚪的96 h-LC50分别为0.029、0.012、0.012和0.006 mg/L;EMB对4种蝌蚪的96 h-LC50分别为0.118、0.111、0.122和0.089 mg/L. 本研究表明这些农药对两栖动物种群下降可能具有明显的作用,可为了解阿维菌素类药物对两栖动物的毒性提供有益数据. (图1 表8 参44)
Avermectins are a new class of macrocyclic lactones derived from mycelia of the soil actinomycete, and are among the most effective agricultural pesticides and antiparasitic agents. In this report, three avermectins (abamectin, ABM; ivermectin, IVM; and emamectin benzoate, EMB) were used to assess their toxic effects on tadpoles of four anuran species (Duttaphrynus melanostictus, Hylarana guentheri, Polypedates megacephalus and Microhyla heymonsi) using a static-renewal acute toxicity test. The results showed that there were significant dose-responsive correlations between the accumulated dead probit of tadpoles and the concentrations of the three avermectins. The 96-h half lethal concentrations (LC50) of ABM to the tadpoles of the four species were 0.042, 0.034, 0.020, and 0.014 mg/L; the 96-h LC50 values of IVM were 0.029, 0.012, 0.012, and 0.006 mg/L, and the values of EMB were 0.118, 0.111, 0.122, and 0.089 mg/L, respectively. Our study reveals that these agrochemicals probably make a significant contribution to the decline of amphibian populations, and provides valuable information about the toxic effects of avermectins on amphibians.


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